All-Female Team Poison Ivy

For the last 7 years, Team Poison Ivy has been gracing the paintball community with an attractive (and deadly) female roster, ready and willing to compete against any opponents that get put in front of them. In 2012, Poison Ivy has made a few key pick ups that are going to help them compete against the worlds best at the 2012 World Cup Asia, including Karoline Seheim, Linda Graue, and their newest roster addition/coach Christopher Rønneberg from Drammen Solid.

“It is fun to see that in the last few years, the amount of females playing paintball is growing rapidly” mentions team co-founder Linn Andersen. ”We attended WCA in 2011 and are excited to be back to the beautiful island of Langkawi and to experience what the organizers say will be even better then the last year. We didn’t think it would be possible to top last year’s event, but we’re sure that if anybody can do it, it’s the WCA organizers.”

What makes these girls different? They know how to win. ”We play smart, have very technically good players on the team, and have a good team spirit. All that and more are going to help us go all the way to the top during WCA.”

Want to find out more about Poison Ivy? Check out their Facebook Page – (4153 views)

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